About The Morocco Explorer


Incredible Variety

A tour from the Atlas Mountains to the desert dunes, passing through gorges and plateaus, between gravel tracks and smoother sections.

Affordable Price

Tent accommodations and a bikepacking approach ensure a low cost for a wide-ranging journey.

For True Travelers

Without wanting to scare anyone, the tour requires a certain level of training and a good dose of travel experience.

Unique Track

Original route designed and tested by Nico Valsesia to make the most of the beauty of Morocco.

A "Stray" Journey

A "stray" journey, just us and our bikes fully equipped for an insane raid of about 1000 km through the imposing mountains of the High Atlas between canyons, plateaus, and gorges that seem endless, interspersed with characteristic and hospitable Berber villages, traversing the vast expanses of the desert until reaching the spectacular dunes of the Sahara.

After the first night in the suggestive setting of Lalla Takerkoust, it will be a long adventure without a fixed abode, dividing the mileage as fairly as possible based on the elevation gain and weather conditions. Travelling through plateaus among the incredible peaks of the Atlas, the journey will also take us through stunning palm grove oases until we reach the imposing dunes of the immense Sahara, a magical, mystical place, one of the most fascinating places on the planet, so unique that once seen and experienced, it cannot be forgotten for the rest of one's life.

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1000 Km


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How we travel?

All our trips, of all types and difficulties, aim to balance adventure and discovery, turning the bike, hiking boots, paragliding sail, or whatever means we use into an opportunity to experience cultures and natural wonders in an unprecedented and unique way. Physical effort, of all levels, should be an addition, not a limitation.

We at From0toAtlas, thanks to twenty years of experience in travel and sports adventures, are convinced that the best way to connect with a new culture is to show ourselves as "true," even vulnerable, trying to shed the heavy label of "tourists," and what better way to arrive in a village, or a big city, than to enter exhausted but with the sole strength of our legs.

In short, the fatigue printed on our faces opens more doors than any amount of money.

Travel itinerary

Day 1

Arrival in Marrakech. Transfer to Lalla Takerkoust, bike setup. Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 2 to 11

The tour program is indefinite: The most fascinating and adventurous part. Based on a previously tested and known route, the subsequent stages will be decided (at the sole discretion of the tour leader) each time, trying to distribute the kilometres and elevation gain fairly based on the conditions.

Accommodations are mostly in tents/hospitality with Berber families.

Day 12

Transfer to Marrakech. End of the Tour. Final dinner/party. Overnight stay in a Riad in Marrakech.

Day 13

Transfer to Marrakech-Menara airport. Return Home.

999 €

Participation fee

Lowest Price Guarantee

Additional Info

What's Included
  • Transfer to and from Marrakech airport
  • Overnight stay at the Piccolo Bike Hotel in Lalla Takerkoust with half-board treatment
  • Overnight stay in a traditional Riad in Marrakech with B&B treatment
  • Storage of boxes/baggage for the duration of the tour
  • Bike assembly
  • Expert and qualified guide with active RCT insurance
  • Basic on-the-road mechanical assistance
  • Original track
  • Basic medical luggage insurance
  • Remote assistance guarantee along the route
  • Active GPS tracker for the entire trip and exclusive access link for relatives and friends
  • From0toAtlas travel gadgets
  • List of necessary materials
  • Dedicated WhatsApp group
  • Pre-trip consultation with the tour leader
What's not included
  • Roundtrip flight
  • Lunches, dinners, and refreshments throughout the tour
  • Possible Global Rescue insurance
  • Cost of possible recovery along the route
  • Costs for possible early return services
  • Anything not expressly specified as included
  • Bike rental option
  • Tent rental option

Frequently Asked Questions

What level of cycling experience is required for the Morocco Explorer tour?

This tour is designed for experienced cycle tourists who are comfortable with long distances and varied terrains. Participants should be prepared for a challenging ride across 1000 km with significant elevation changes and be capable of handling their bike in remote and rugged conditions.

What type of bike is recommended for this tour?

A robust gravel bike is recommended for the Morocco Explorer tour. Your bike should be well-suited for both gravel tracks and smoother sections, and equipped with carrying capacity for bikepacking essentials.

What does the accommodation setup look like during the tour?

Accommodations vary throughout the tour. The first night is spent at the Hotel in Lalla Takerkoust, and the tour ends with a night in a traditional Riad in Marrakech. During the ride, you'll mostly be camping in tents or staying with hospitable Berber families.

Are meals included in the tour package?

The tour package includes half-board treatment on the first night and breakfast at the Riad in Marrakech. Other meals, including lunches, dinners, and refreshments throughout the cycling journey, are not included and need to be arranged by participants.

What is the policy for handling emergencies or mechanical issues during the tour?

The tour includes basic on-the-road mechanical assistance and basic medical luggage insurance. There is also a remote assistance guarantee along the route, and an active GPS tracker will be provided to each participant for safety and coordination.

Can I rent a bike and necessary equipment?

Yes, bike and tent rentals are available upon request. It’s important to reserve these in advance to ensure availability and the right equipment for your needs.

What should I pack for this tour?

A packing list will be provided, which typically includes cycling gear, personal items, and necessary equipment for bikepacking. Participants are advised to bring clothes suitable for varying weather conditions, personal toiletries, a hydration system, and any personal medications.

How flexible is the tour itinerary?

The itinerary from Day 2 to Day 11 is flexible and will be adjusted by the tour leader based on conditions such as weather and participants' conditions. This allows for a customized experience but requires participants to be adaptable.

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