Ducati MIG-S

This is a slightly different review than normal for Visordown, as we took the Ducati MIG-S E-MTB for a spin along some local trails

THE E-mountain bike (E-MTB) sector is big business right now, and usurpingly it is something that motorcycle makers are keen to tap into. KTM, Yamaha, and Ducati are just a few of the big-name motorcycle makers that also offer E-MTBs of one kind or another.

The MIG-S is classified as an all-mountain bike, meaning it is set up for a variety of disciplines, from light off-road trails to more technical down-hill runs. While we don’t have many mountains over here in Coventry, we do have a decent amount of trails and routes that run from the city out into the sticks. The perfect setting for an early spring cycle ride.

Ducati MIG-S motor

First up, a bit of explanation about the motor of the bike, for those that don’t know. This isn’t some electric bike with the motor directly powering the rear wheel. There is no throttle to speak of, and if you stop pedalling the bike will coast to a stop like a conventional bicycle. What you get though is a Shimano EP8 ‘engine’, that assists you when you are pedalling the bike. The motor unit is claimed to weigh 2.6kg and can provide the rider with 85Nm (62lb-ft) of torque. In reality, it feels like when you pump the pedals, there are another three or four pairs of legs joining in to help you.

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