Zydeco - Shimano GRX 2x10 Speed

Renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled versatility, the Cinelli Zydeco road bike is a beacon of quality and performance. Crafted with triple-butted Columbus Zonal aluminium tubes, its superior construction ensures both durability and agility on any terrain. From gravel trails to urban streets, the Zydeco seamlessly transitions, offering riders the freedom to explore diverse landscapes with ease.

But what truly sets the Zydeco apart is its adaptability. Equipped with an exhaustive system of rivets, this bike effortlessly transforms from a performance gravel machine to a reliable bike-packing companion or a swift urban commuter, making it the ultimate choice for adventurers seeking versatility without compromise. Whether you're conquering rugged trails or navigating city streets, the Cinelli Zydeco delivers an exhilarating ride experience every time, embodying the spirit of exploration and adventure.

  • Our original gravel bike
  • Oversized triple-butted Columbus Zona aluminium tubing
  • All-weather urban commute to performance gravel adventure versatility
  • Custom rivet system allows users endless bag and rack options
  • Max tyre clearance 700x40c
  • 10,3kg total bike weight

One Day

600 MAD

Extra Days

500 MAD

* Prices per person

Included with every bike rental:

Bike lock
Support Assistance
Car Bike Rack